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Buying a hamster? First, read our guide.

What To Feed A Baby Hamster?

When you buy a baby hamster, it will likely need milk, shocking, I know 😉 However, this isn’t the only milk that a hamster needs. 

How Long Can You Leave A Hamster Alone?

You may be wondering: how long can I leave my hamster alone? Or, can I leave my hamster alone while I go on vacation? To visit some friends? just for a quick walk? Or, is it okay for me to leave my hamster alone for a week? even overnight? Or, does a hamster really like to be left alone? I have some answers for you in this article. Read on. I swear 😉

When Can You Give Your Hamster A Bath?

When can you give your hamster a bath? There are some important considerations to consider when bathing your hamster. First of all, remember that dust grains can act like smoke, messing up their respiratory system. 

How to care for your furry pet

Buying a hamster? First, read our guide.