How To Make Hamster Food Yourself

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You might choose to try your hand at producing your organic hamster chow if you’re worried about keeping pesticides and other dangerous chemicals out of your hamster’s healthy diet

Fortunately, making hamster chow is easy, and most health food stores carry the necessary components. This article will explain the nutritional requirements of hamsters and provide suggestions for a well-balanced hamster’s diet. 

Understanding the components of a balanced hamster diet and constructing your hamster’s menu based on locally accessible, organic options are the most crucial steps in preparing your hamster food. 

How To Make Hamster Food Yourself

With the aid of simple items from the neighborhood market, you may create your homemade blend for your adorable pet. To top it all off, consider adding grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables to the prepackaged food for your hammy. 

how to make hamster food

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Make sure you discuss any dietary changes with your veterinarian. This will enable you to ensure that your pet has access to all the vital nutrients his body needs.

You can think of producing a wide variety of nutritious snacks for your hammy in addition to the wide range of readily available healthy food options. Giving special, Healthy Hamster Treats on certain occasions will make your pet happier and more content.

Here are some Organic Hamster Food 

  • Using bananas, raisins, lemon juice, and honey, you can make a tasty dessert that resembles pudding but is healthful. Lemon juice and mashed banana are combined. Add raisins and a spoonful of honey. Combine ingredients, then serve your tiny creature.
  • You may also consider creating wholesome hamster biscuits that have been spread with nuts (including almond butter or peanut butter). A variety of finely chopped vegetables, cheerios, sunflower seeds, fresh bread, and a smaller amount of cheese can all be added to the spread.
  • Put the same mixture on a piece of bread. Add some cereal and vegetables to the top. Put the tasty goodie in your hamster’s cage.

Hamsters typically need between 10 and 12 grams of the provided mix each day. Your pet may need a larger or fewer part of the suggested diet, though, depending on their total size.

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What Is The Ideal Hamster Food Blend?

  • Like humans, hamsters need to have access to the right kinds of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. The term “macroscopic nutrients” refers to these. The primary goal of the recommended diet is to make sure that the body is operating effectively as a whole. For the hamster’s general welfare, it’s crucial to combine low-starch veggies with nuts and seeds.
  • Branded hamster pellets. These are available at your neighborhood grocer or pet shop.
  • Timothy grass
  • Constant access to clean water for consumption. Treats now and then, such as mealworms eggs, or almonds

how to make hamster food

How Is A Homemade Hamster Mix Prepared?

Hamsters also need access to the good fats found in seeds and nuts, in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables. 

So, you might consider adding nuts and seeds like peanuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, and a huge variety of other nuts and seeds to your hamster’s daily diet.

Nuts and seeds are known to be swiftly consumed by hamsters. This is due to their innate attraction to foods high in fat. As a result, give them a seed mixture sparingly.

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Can I Feed My Hamster Common Household Items?

You may find a wide variety of feeding options for your tiny pet right in your kitchen.

There are many possibilities for providing your pet with a wholesome and nutrient-rich diet, ranging from legumes to grains (oats and wheat), nuts, seeds, and fruits and vegetables.

Guide On Feeding Hamster

Peeling is required for any fruit or vegetable that may be eaten. Anything else should be spotless in cold, running water. Give the hamster just a tiny bit of each thing. 

You can prepare an organic mixture of the foods on the preceding list and place it in your hamster’s food dish.

A very little slice should be taken of any fruit or vegetable. A small animal with a tiny stomach is being fed by you. 

Not an obese hamster who is more likely to get diabetes or heart disease, but one who is healthy is what you want. Don’t overfeed your hamster.

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how to make hamster food

Foods Your Hamster Should Never Eat

  • Lettuce
  • Apple seeds
  • Cabbage
  • Beans (either cooked or dry)
  • Citrus fruit of any type
  • Pickles
  • Rhubarb
  • Onions
  • Junk food of any kind
  • Never give your hamster any sharp or sticky food, since they carry their food in their jaw pouches, which can and frequently does cause harm or result in serious injury. Sharp items might cause significant injuries to your hamster by tearing the cheek linings. Therefore, be careful never to offer your hamster anything sharp that could hurt them.

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It is advised to continue hunting for additives while you make the homemade hamster food mix. One advantage of using a store-bought mix is that it is tailored specifically for hamsters.

Processed foods made with human products that contain additional substances could be dangerous to your pet. Therefore, when giving your hamster food, choose organic options. Try to stay away from meals and products that are heavy in preservatives, salt, sugar, and saturated fats.

The meal you are preparing for the hamsters can constantly be improved. Whether you think of giving your hammy a shop-bought or a homemade food mix, include adequate greens and fruits into the diet.

It will assist in developing a diet that is similar to what your hammy would consume in the wild.


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As a child, my parents got me a hamster cage and I loved my furry little friends.
So obviously when my kids were old enough I got them a pet hamster to care for.

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