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The most significant investment you can make for your hamster is getting her a hamster cage. The condition of the environment where your pet hamster sleep can significantly impact their general health, which is why you need to get her the hamster best cage.

However, when you are choosing a hamster cage, you must put certain factors into consideration. Such factors include hamster cage size, design, and security. 

We have reviewed some of the best hamster cages based on the above factors so that you can make an informed decision when deciding which one to purchase.

Let’s jump right in!

Hamster Best Cage – 6 Top Picks

1. Best Easy to Move: Savic Heaven Metro Cage

Savic metro hamster cage features two large handles to help you easily hold the cage when moving it around. Besides the large handle, the case also has a large door so you can easily access your hamster.

Additionally, the cage is vast enough, measuring 80cm by 50cm. The lower base of the case is enormous, so your hamster can have enough space to play and run around.

On top of the Savic hamster cage is a penthouse where your hamster can stay when not playing. 

The cage has two feeding bowls, raised platforms, a running wheel, a drinking bottle, and a toilet.

2. Best Easy to Access: Ferplast HAMSTERVILLE Hamster Habitat Cage

Ferplast hamster habitat cage is very easy to access. It has a top and front door that you are only required to list so that you can have access to your hamster.

The cage is designed such that it is easy to maintain it. It has a substantial plastic tray that is hidden by the wooden door. You are only supposed to unlock the door locks and lift the tray for cleaning.

In addition, the cage has different levels joined by wooden ladders so that your hamster pet can have ample space to play and stay active.

3. Best Design: Niteangle Hamster Cage

The hamster cage from Niteangle is designed using a modern and stylish design. It has plenty of spaces where you can set up a sand bath area and a hideout for your pet. Besides, the cage features three expansive windows that enable you to watch your pet from different angles.

The ventilation design of this cage is magnificent. The ventilation spaces are designed on top of the cage for easy air circulation.

The cage is built with high-quality materials such as PVC boards and MDF board frames. These materials are easy to install. 

Additionally, the cage has a top cover that is easy to close or open so that you can have access to your pet.

4. Best Large Spaces: Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage

Midwest Critterville hamster cage has multi-level play spaces that provide enough room for your hamster to play around.

The cage features a top door that provides easy access for you to access your pet and feed your hamster pet. 

Furthermore, the cage has interior tubes and non-slip ramps that enable your hamster to move from one level to another.

The cage’s clear font lets you see how your pet plays. The cage also features a deep plastic base that collects litter and is removable through the top door for easy cleaning.

The cage includes accessories such as a water bottle, exercise wheel, interior play tubes, a circular cubby, and a food bowl.

5. Best Easy to Clean: Favola Hamster Cage

Favola hamster cage is easy to clean. You only need to pull latch side clips to separate the top and the base so you can clean the entire cage.

The cage has two large floors. Your hamster can use the bottom floor for playing and relaxing, while you can use the top floor to store drinks or food.

It has a broad bottom base that you can fill with warm bedding so your hamster can sleep comfortably. In addition, the clear view of the cage lets you see your pet when playing.

The cage comes with all the equipment, such as a water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel, and play tubes.

6. Best Multicolor: Habitrail Ovo Hamster Cage

Habitrail hamster cage features many retractable doors that provide easy access to the cage, either when cleaning the cage or feeding your hamster.

The cage has a deep white bottom used to collect litter from food or snacks when feeding the hamster.

The Habitrail Ovo studio features two tees, two cubes, one mini chewable maze, three elbows, one mini maze, seven windows, and four curves. It also includes fifteen lock connectors and one u-turn that provides an ideal environment for the hamster to play.

In addition, the cage also comes with a feeding bowl, orange exercise wheel, retractable roof, water bottle, and stairs.

Wrapping Up

With the above list of the best hamster cages, it will be easy for you to choose a cage that best fits your hamster’s needs.

However, remember to choose a durable cage that can last long. Also, check if the cage is well-ventilated to ensure your hamster gets enough fresh air. Go through the above list to get your hamster’s best cage.

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Jim Nero

As a child, my parents got me a hamster cage and I loved my furry little friends.
So obviously when my kids were old enough I got them a pet hamster to care for.

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As a child, my parents got me a hamster cage and I loved my furry little friends.
So obviously when my kids were old enough I got them a pet hamster to care for.

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